Simply a very simple application
for recipes!

Your own recipe App

Well Done is a piece of software that will enable people in the food industry to manage recipes on their own computers and to publish them through their own branded App on the App store.

The app

A unique and simple timeline…

Well Done contains:

  • The unique and simple timeline that gives end users an intuitive and step by step method to follow a recipe.
  • It allows all the constituent parts of a dish to be finished at the same time.

By using the timeline as presented in the App, the threshold for consumers trying new products will be lowered considerably.
The timeline function also allows videos to be attached to the recipes in order to show how to prepare the dish more clearly and to demonstrate any techniques required.

The film below will convey this.


Tell the world about your products and recipes through your own app.

This highly affordable application is designed for people working in the food industry and is ready to use. Well Done has an App solution where users, like food producers, retailers, chefs or even private individuals can present recipes and food related products through a self-branded app. The solution provided by Well Done software allows companies or individuals to edit and publish material themselves. The app can present recipes, text, films, pictures and logos all published by the program obtained through Well Done software.

Editing Software

The software dedicated for editing

The editing software is browser based and designed to be handled by anyone regardless of computer knowledge. It makes editing and publishing recipes accessible for anyone and can be set to publish specific recipes on different dates.

The film under will convey this.

An App that offers important features

Customers of Well Done will also be represented through Well Done´s food portal and have their own app in App store. This will ensure traffic around and to the customer app as well from other end users.

Well Done provides a simple way of reaching more people with your recipes and products. Our app solution is a perfect way of reaching end users through handheld devices in a cost efficient method.

Content provider
If there is a need for content creation or management, our film photographers, copywriters, animators, photographers, programmers, chefs and art directors can be offered to clients who require assistance.




Our software allows our customers to commit to the app world without investing large sums and reducing commitments in other marketing areas. Our software will allow direct communication with end-users. This is an important feature for future marketing efforts. The cost of Well Done software is a fraction of the cost of designing and creating an app from scratch.

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